Where nature meets design

The Biomimicry Action Kit empowers teams that work on complex social, business and sustainability challenges to design breakthrough innovations inspired by nature. The kit provides a clear step by step path to learn from nature, understand its clever solutions and transform that knowledge into real-life experiments for your challenge.

Smarter and more sustainable solutions.

Smarter & more sustainable ideas

The kit facilitates deeper and broader thinking about biomimicry by asking the right questions.

Provides speed and focus

speed & focus

We’ve laid down the path so you can focus on your challenge without having to worry which steps to take.

Powerful yet easy to use.

Powerful yet
easy to use

Everyone can use the kit, add knowledge and collaborate in a team to design new ideas.

Biomimicry & Design

Biomimicry Soul

Biomimicry is woven through the entire Action Kit. Each and every step, assignment and exercise itself is inspired by nature. The Action Kit helps to understand and apply natures clever solutions. Even if you’re completely new to biomimicry!

Design Heart

Design is what makes the Action Kit work. By using the design process creativity can flourish without losing track of the bigger picture. Design helps you to co-create ideas with your team and tell your story through images rather then words.