At the Dutch Design Week

At the Dutch Design Week

We got the chance to share the Biomimicry Action Kit with the audience of the Dutch Design Week. The Dutch Design Week is a respected platform where designer present their concepts to the world. This year there was a theme dedicated to “Nature meets Design” which provided a great opportunity to build new connections and explore the possibilities of the kit.

Marcel on stage DDW

A great thing about the Design Week is that you get the chance to meet a lot of people. In that sense the Design Week was a great succes for the Biomimicry Action Kit. The kit received a lof of positive response. It was valuable to meet people who were also question the value of nature as a source of inspiration for innovation. These conversations very construction and helped us to better shape the story of the kit.

Dutch Design Week

One of the opportunities that the Dutch Design Week raised was the use of the kit at (primary) schools. We really like the idea of getting kids in touch with nature and helping them understand how nature can inspire new solutions. Creating awareness of the role that nature plays in our daily life. This is a topic we’ll definitely be exploring.

Kids @ DDW

At our Dutch Design Week stand we create a wall where people could respond to two questions: How important is nature for you? What have you learned from nature? These questions sparked something we never expected upfront. People started to respond and react on each others answers and comments. This created a starting point for some great discussions about nature and design.

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